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24th January 2020

It's been a busy week for our technical teams!

Thus, from today, you can benefit from a new menu on PC (on the left). The Statistics menu has therefore disappeared but remains accessible from the dashboard (click on "Show old view"). The menu allowing you to change network has also been reorganized.

You will also find, among other new features :

  • on your newsfeed, the last saved filter will be used by default
  • the possibility to ask your supplier to send you documentation on a piece of equipment from its sheet
  • access to a simplified task creation form from the home page
  • the possibility to add colors on labels
  • a QR code button in the search menu to easily display and print QR codes
  • as of now, the price, location and external reference of the community's spare parts are hidden

10th January 2020

Thanks to this week's new features, you can now:

  • filter the newsfeed and save the filters used (by labels) to display only the activities related to them
  • choose whether or not you want to receive notifications when a task is completed
  • assign a production profile to a maintenance plan
  • choose not to necessarily fill in the cost center and equipment description
  • receive the weekly report by e-mail automatically

3rd January 2020

To start this new year, we inform you that the next update will include :

  • News feed filter by label
  • Automatic weekly report sent to administrators every Monday from 12:00 noon (only paid networks) 
  • Added the possibility to assign a production profile to a maintenance plan (level 1 maintenance)
  • Added a button to choose whether or not to be alerted when a task ends (reserved to the task creator).
  • The cost center and the description of a piece of equipment become optional.

13th December 2019

What's new this week:

  • New "Create equipment" button directly on your app's homepage
  • Administrators now have the possibility to select a brand and model on their equipment
  • Technicians, on the other hand, can choose to display this information

In addition, you will soon be able to obtain community-based statistics on equipment for which the brand and model have been entered.

In the last few days, our team has been working hard to stabilize and to improve your solution.

Among the new features now available in your application, you will find the counter dashboard, available in the analytical tool!

22nd November 2019

This week, our team has redesigned the newsfeed and the task history 🎉
Other new features include:

  • a new filter to exclude spare parts from the equipment search
  • an automatic e-mail is now sent to the creator of a task when it is completed
  • the addition of scheduled maintenance time in the export (in .xls and .csv formats) of tasks

15h November 2019

This week's big news is the new design of the Equipment page!

It is now common to the Reports page (Equipment tab) to make it easier for you to access the equipment. A "Create" button has been added to the equipment search, and this page allows you to access all the filters to refine the results.

You can always display the old equipment list by clicking on "Show old view"

8th November 2019

Among this week's important topics, our developers team fixed a bug on the company sheet and started preparing for the standardization of equipment lists.

You can also visit our blog to find a summary of all October's news!

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25th October 2019

This week, our tech team kept working on new features which will be available soon:

  • Improve the top bar according to the size and resolution of the screen
  • Include the task creation time within the activities file export
  • Fix translation issues
  • Enhance onboarding for new users

18th October 2019

Have you heard about the big news? Our public API feature is now available!

Thanks to this long-awaited innovation, Mobility Work can now be connected to other systems, such as your ERP, to allow you to track your stocks directly in the CMMS.
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More updates:

  • The "News" button has been added to the application's menu. It allows you to easily find a weekly summary of the topics on which our teams have been working recently
  • Web application available in Romanian

11th October 2019

We come back today with some news on the different topics that our team has been working on for several weeks now!

  • The dashboard on meter readings will soon be available
  • You will soon be notified by email when one of your tasks is completed
  • You now have the possibility to contact a supplier directly to exchange with him by chat


Since July and August 2019 on Mobility Work:

  • New menu, Task Status, added to the Dashboard, where data can be filtered by users, tags, date or cost centers;
  • New graphs added to the Dashboard;
  • Mobility Work is now available in Turkish and Portuguese;
  • Graphic redisign of the date filter; 
  • Find the Official Catalogs in our CMMS, a new feature that connects maintenance professionals with suppliers and manufacturers of machines and consumables. Simply go into the Tasks or Reports tab, and at the right side of your screen you'll be able to access different products.  Use the "Copy to my equipment" option, to duplicate a product to your fleet, and find all the technical documentation provided by the supplier. 

Since June 2019 on Mobility Work:

  • New task creation page, which makes it easier to use the mandatory tags;
  • Improved the printing of your dashboard;
  • It is now possible to add a checklist to a maintenance plan! 
  • It is also possible to create a task on a time and date range;
  • The scheduler (only accessible by the administrators) has now available the week view, for a more accurate view of their team's tasks.

🇪🇸 Español:

Desde Julio y Agosto 2019 en Mobility Work:

  • Nuevo menu, Estado de las tareas, en el Cuadro de mando, donde puede filtrar los datos por usuario, fecha, etiqueta o centro de costes;
  • Nuevos gráficos en el Cuadro de mando;
  • Mobility Work ahora está disponible en Turco y Portugués;
  • Rediseño gráfico del filtro de fecha;
  • Encuentre los Catálogos oficiales en nuestra GMAO, una nueva funcionalidad que pone los profesionales del mantenimiento en contacto con los fabricantes y proveedores de máquinas y consumibles. Simplemente haga clic en la sección Tareas o Informes, y a la derecha de la pantalla podrá acceder a diferentes productos. Use la opción "Copiar en mis equipamientos", para duplicar un producto a su parque de máquinas, y encuentre toda la documentación técnica proporcionada por el proveedor para cada máquina o producto.

Desde Junio 2019 en Mobility Work:

  • Nueva página de creación de tareas, que facilita el uso de las etiquetas obligatorias;
  • hemos mejorado la impresión de su Cuadro de mando;
  • ¡ahora es posible agregar una lista de chequeo a un plan de mantenimiento!
  • También es posible crear una tarea en un intervalo de tiempo y fecha;
  • el planificador (solo disponible para los administradores) tiene ahora disponible la vista de la semana, para una visión más precisa de las tareas de su equipo.
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