We believe you should always be aware of the type of data we are collecting from you, how we use such data, and that you should have significant control over those two aspects. In line with our constant transparency undertakings, and in order to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation that came into force on May 25th, we have updated our General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as well as our Data Use and Protection Policy in order to allow you to take the best decisions regarding data you share with us and through our services. 

Your use of our services after May 25th 2018 entails your express acceptance of these terms. We invite you to read these documents entirely and carefully. The main modifications are as follows:

  • More control over your personal data;
  • More transparency with regards to the way we use your data;
  • More transparency with regards to the way we share your data with our providers and commercial partners ; and
  • More transparency with regards to the way we protect your data in order to prevent nuisance, to comply to the laws and regulations and to make Mobility Work a safe and welcoming place for everyone. 

You can use the control settings that we detail in our updated policy to correct, delete or obtain your data. You can also delete your Mobility Work account if you wish to. For any queries, contact us.

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