The "ongoing tasks" tab is used to list all the tasks that are still in progress. These are displayed from the most recent to the oldest one. It contains the description of the task, the expected date, the intervention time, the cost center of the equipment, the description of the activities and the date of completion of the activity. To open the task, just click on its description. It is also possible to search for a task using the search bar at the top right.

🇨🇳 什么是 « 正在进行的任务 » 标签 ?

« 正在进行的任务 » 标签能够 编目所有正在进行的任务。按照最近到最久排列。我们能够浏览到任务描述,排定的日期,措施耗时,设备的成本中心,活动描述和活动实施日期。想要打开任务,只需点击任务的描述。您同样可以使用右上方的搜索栏来寻找一个任务。

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