The "documents" tab contains all the documents associated with the piece of equipment. All document and image formats are accepted; the maximum weight of a file is 20 MB. There is no maximum number of documents per piece of equipment. The confidentiality of documents can be handled on a case-by-case basis: if a document is private, only users in your network will be able to access it, and if it is public, all users in the community will have access to it.

🇨🇳 什么是 « 文件 » 标签 ?

«文件» 标签汇总所有与设备相关的文件。兼容所有的办公自动化文件类型和图片; 一个文件的最大容量为20 MB。每个设备没有最多文件数量限制。文件的保密性可以被区别设置 : 如果是一个私密文件,那只有您网络内的用户才能浏览。如果是一个公开文件,那社区内的所有用户都可以浏览。

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