The "top 5" tab contains all the information that can help you make a quick assessment of events related to the piece of equipment. It contains the 5 tasks with the most important intervention time, the 5 most used labels, as well as the 5 most requested technicians on this piece of equipment. If your piece of equipment is public, then users' last names will not be accessible to users outside your network.

🇨🇳 什么是 «排名前五 » 标签 ?

«排名前五 » 标签汇总与该设备关联的能够帮助您迅速创建事项总表的所有信息。我们能浏览到5个措施耗时最长的任务,5个最常用的标签,以及5个与该设备关联最密切的人员。如果您的设备是公开的,那么用户的姓将不会呈现给您网络之外的用户

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