To create a spare part, follow the same procedure as the creation of an equipment. Simply click on the "Equipment" tab, then on the "Create" button. You can then fill in the required information and check the box "this equipment is a spare part".

You will be required then to fill in some additional information:

  • The location, which corresponds to the physical location of the spare part;

  • The unit price, which corresponds to the price of the spare part;

  • The currency (euro, dollar, pound, etc.) is an optional information you can add;

  • The stock, which corresponds to the actual stock of the spare part;

  • The minimum stock (optional), which corresponds to the minimum stock that is required for that spare part (for example, you can insert 100 if you need to have at least 100 pieces of a particular spare part);

  • Maximum amount (optional), which correspond to the maximum amount you can have in stock and that you don’t want to exceed (you can insert 200 if you cannot have more than 200 pieces of a spare parts for space issues, for example);

  • You have the option to insert the item code;

  • You can also insert the replenishment lot, which correspond to the minimum quantity of replenishment for this spare part (for example you can enter 30 if you cannot order less than 30 of these items when you need to stock them).

🇨🇳 -如何创建一个替换件 ?

想要创建一个设备,您只需点击 « 我的设备 »标签, 再点击 « 创建 »按钮。您便可以勾选 «此设备是一个替换件 » 方框。

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