There are two ways to create a maintenance plan:

  • from the "Maintenance plans" menu on the left side of the screen, to which the equipment associated with your maintenance plan should be added;

  • by searching for the piece of equipment through clicking on the equipment page, then on the "add maintenance plan" button.

From there you need to fill in the requested information:

  • Frequency, that corresponds to the period during which the maintenance tasks will be planned; it can be weekly, monthly or annual;

  • Repeat every, corresponds the number of intervals between the different scheduled tasks. You can choose if you want to repeat the task every week, every 2 weeks, every 3 months, and so on;

  • Repeat by/on, where you can choose either the day of the week, if it's a weekly maintenance plan (for example every tuesday); either you leave the default "day of the month", and later you will be able to choose the day of the monthly occurrence;

  • For equipment, where you select all the equipement where you want to create the maintenance plan;

  • Description, which is the description of the intervention that must be carried out;

  • Assignee, where you enter the names of the users that need to work on the tasks;

  • Tags, where you can add any relevant tags related to the issue;

  • Start date, which will correspond to the start date of the maintenance plan's first task;

  • End date, that you can select either by choosing a number of occurrences or by defining an end date. The number of occurrences corresponds to the number of tasks that will be generated by the maintenance plan (for example, if you write 50, then there will be 50 tasks created for each equipment);

  • Planned maintenance time, which is the estimated time needed to work on the task;

  • Planned stopped time, which is the downtime expected when performing the task;

  • Checklists (optional), where you can choose a checklist that your technicians have to complete during the intervention;

  • Documents or Links, where you can add any documentation, photos, videos and/or links associated to the generated tasks.

You also have the option to be notified by e-mail when the maintenance plan is completed.
Before validating and creating the maintenance plan, you can find a summary and a calendar or event table preview of the tasks that would be generated.

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