To create a task, simply search for the piece of equipment you want to work on via the search function and click on the "add task" button.

Now, you simply need to fill in the following information:

  • Description, which should include the specific description of a problem or/and an action to be carried out; you can enter up to 3000 characters;

  • Start date and time, which correspond to the date and time where the intervention should be carried out. You have the option to select a whole day;

  • End date and time, which corresponds to the date where the intervention should be completed;

  • Users assigned to task, where you select the technicians that need to work on this intervention. By default, the name of task's creator is selected. You can also select "Add a user group" if you wish to assign multiple users to the task, and select the tag corresponding to the group you want to assign;

  • Tags, where you can add any relevant tags related to the issue;

  • Checklist, where you can choose a checklist that your technicians have to complete during the intervention.

You also have the option to notify this tasks to the assigned users by email, by simply checking the case before validating and creating the task.

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