The search bar at the top of the application allows you to search for equipment, tasks, activities, companies or suppliers.

Simply enter your keywords in the search bar, and a set of equipment matching your search will appear.

Otherwise, you can go onto the "Equipment" section, from the left side menu, or the "Spare parts" section, depending on what it is you wish to find.

Here, you will find the complete list of the equipment present on your network.

On the search results' preview, you will have displayed the following information:

the name of the equipment, the description, the tags; it also shows a small calendar symbol if there is a maintenance plan for this machine.

In the preview you can also view the equipment's QR code, and you have the option quickly create a maintenance task for it, thank to the "+" symbol.

You have then the option to apply the following filters to refine your search:

  • all equipment;

  • equipment without maintenance plan;

  • equipment with a maintenance plan;

  • start date;

  • end date;

  • cost center;

  • Choose one or more tags;

  • select tag to remove;

  • select task tags;

  • select equipment user;

  • only spare parts;

  • location;

  • minimum amount;

  • maximum amount;

  • minimum unit price;

  • maximum unit price;

  • the stock is inferior to the minimum limit;

  • all tasks;

  • ongoing tasks;

  • archived tasks;

  • not a maintenance plan task;

  • maintenance plan tasks;

  • select users assigned to the task;

  • select the activity user;

  • creator of the task;

  • start date and end date.

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