To create a piece of equipment, simply provide the following information:

  • a picture of the piece of equipment;

  • the name of the piece of equipment, that can be summarized as "Type of element - Brand - Model - Item code and Location (if it's a spare part) - Number of the equipment - Geographical area or production line";

  • a description of the piece of equipment, which can include the type of element, type of contract, serial number, and every information you think is necessary;

  • the cost center of the piece of equipment;

  • tags associated to this piece of equipment, for example "production line", or  "critical machine". It depends on how you need to personalize your equipment;

  • links to other pieces of equipment, if you need to create a subset, for example;

  • custom fields (optional), allows you to add a field in the creation of a piece of equipment, in order to include any information that may not be present in the equipment's creation page;

  • visibility of the piece of equipment between public and private. Public equipment are accessible to all users in the Mobility Work's community, leaving the names of companies and users anonymous.

If you need to create a spare part, you will need to enter some additional information. Follow this link to find out how to create a spare part in Mobility Work.

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