The choice of the name of your equipment in your CMMS is never very simple. Here are some tips that will help you optimize the naming of your equipment.

For example, the Leroy Somer LS 71 displacement motor on a 16-tonne OMIS bridge No. 161 in the melting sector of your plant. You can name it as follows: "Leroy Somer LS71 engine - Translation - 16 Ton Omis Bridge - No. 161 - Fusion Sector". In this way, if you search for the words "bridge engine 161" or "bridge translation engine OMIS 161", you should quickly find your equipment.

The name of your equipment in your CMMS can be summarized as follows: "Type of element - Brand - Model - Location (if it is a spare part) - Number of the equipment - Geographical area or production line". It works like a nomenclature, but with keywords.

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