A tag allows you to customize a whole set of information (maintenance interventions, equipment, users, and so on) on your CMMS Mobility Work, in order to obtain a more precise feedback on your maintenance interventions.
The goal of the tag is to avoid the creation of hundreds of custom fields that would generate incomprehensible tree views. 

Only the network's administrators are allowed to create tags.

You can use them for many purposes:

  • To tag equipment by category: for example, you can add tags corresponding to "production line"; or regarding regulatory norms, such as “equipment under maintenance contract”; you can create a "critical machine" tag, if there are some equipment that have more importance than others. There are many possibilities.

  • To tag maintenance technicians, in order to have groups of technicians according to their specialty. You can therefore create "electricians" and "mechanics"; you can tag them depending on their working hours, for example "morning shift", "weekend team", and so on. Once created, you can add the specific tags to your colleagues.

  • To tag tasks, in order to identify the type of intervention. Tag your tasks with “preventive maintenance”, or “curative”, “regulatory”, “mechanical”, and so on. Other possibilities are “production shutdown”, “new construction”; you could even create tags according to projects. The more tags you add on your CMMS operations, the more accurate your analysis will be in your analytics tool.

  • To tag maintenance plans, which are the occurrences of the same intervention in a certain period of time. You could therefore select a "Regulation" tag for a regulatory maintenance operation that needs to be done every month; or tag by health and safety operations, or environmental control, and so on.

When creating a task, the tags attached to the affected equipment are automatically added to the intervention. This helps to avoid oversights and improve the statistical analysis of your interventions.

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