Thanks to its mobile application available on iOS and Android, Mobility Work CMMS allows you to scan these elements and trigger events automatically. Here are some examples:

  • Automatic triggering of maintenance interventions: the scan of the QR code returns to the screen for the creation of a task, which includes by default the pre-filled equipment, the technician and the intervention date.

  • Quick identification of your equipment: the scan is configured to open the selected equipment's data sheet. This operation facilitates the work of new technicians or temporary technicians, who may not be aware of any information regarding the machine.

  • Identification of your spare part: this will allow the service technician to quickly see the current stock, the location in the warehouse, as well as the different pieces of equipment on which the spare part could have been used before.

  • Accessing the history of a piece of equipment: the reading of the QR code will allow the service technician to directly access the intervention history of the piece of equipment. Thanks to the search function, Mobility Work also offers the possibility to search for the precise fault history of the selected piece of equipment.

Access to a range of operations or technical documentation: the reading of the QR code allows the technician to quickly access a range of maintenance operations, or a technical documentation indicating the procedure to follow to carry out a maintenance operation.

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