There are different types of profiles available in CMMS Mobility Work:

  • The "Administrator" level allows you to create and delete equipment, tasks, activities, tags, maintenance plans, and to modify user's permissions.

  • The "Technician" level allows users to create and assign tasks and activities. The technician can modify any task, even the ones he is not assigned to. Howerer, he is not allowed to modify another user's activity. Also, this profile cannot create or modify equipment, add tags, nor modify the permissions of the network's users.

  • The "Production" level can view the activities of his network and can create tasks. They can only modify the tasks they have created, and they cannot add any activities. You can add as many production profiles as you want, they will not be charged, as they are included in the Mobility Work subscription.

  • The "Service Provider" level allows you to transmit your maintenance interventions to your external service providers. They will only have access to the interventions and information concerning them. The Service Providers can only add activities to the tasks they are assigned to. The management module of external companies will allow you to take stock of each intervention carried out by external companies on your site, and to be able to give them a note based on the following criteria: cost, quality, safety and deadlines.

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