A checklist is a verification list, made to ensure that you follow a list of requirements and/or to ensure that you do not forget any step or information. 

To create a Checklist, simply click on the "Checklists" tab from the menu on the left side of your screen, then click on the "create" button.
You will need to fill in the following information:

  • Name of the checklist;

  • Label, which corresponds to the description of the step;

  • Type, in which you need to choose if the step is of Validation, Text or Counter type;

  • Choose whether to make this step mandatory before moving onto the next one;

  • Click the "+" symbol to validate the step and to add another one;

  • Click "Create" when you have entered all the required steps.

You can create as many steps as you want.
You can also add a checklist to all of the tasks of a maintenance plan during the creation of the plan.
It is also possible to complete a checklist from our mobile application.

Also, if you edit an existing checklist that has already been affected to a task or to the tasks of a maintenance plan, the change will not be taken into account in those inteventions. If you want your checklist to be updated in the tasks where it was already attached, you will need to delete it from the task or the maintenance plan, and to assign it again.
Keep in mind that if you delete a checklist, it will not be automatically removed from the tasks where it has been added. This is to avoid any potential data loss on your network. You can, however, delete them yourself from the tasks, if needed.

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