To import products, click on the "Products" menu at the top left corner to access your products list. 

Click on the "import" button. You will then be redirected to the import procedure, which includes 3 steps:

Compatibility check

This first step consists in preparing your CSV file for the import. An import template in .CSV format is available for download on this page to help you format your document correctly. Do not duplicate product reference except to differentiate two translations of the same product.

Click "Check" to go to the next step.


You can now align the columns of your CSV file with our product fields. This step will determine the information that will be included in your product sheets.

An extract from your CSV file is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Now choose which columns you want to appear in your product sheets. To do this, associate them with one of our product fields ("Reference", "Image", "Description"...) by clicking on the drop-down menus.

Columns without associated fields will not be taken into account when importing.

Warning: To continue importing your file, you must fill in the fields "Reference", "Product name", "Image" and "Language".

Note: Check the box "My CSV first line defines column headers" so that it is excluded from the import.

Click on "Next" to continue.


The import is in progress. 

Once the products have been imported, they will be visible in the "Products" menu, and will automatically be displayed in your official catalog available from the Mobility Work CMMS application.

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