When you log in to Mobility Work Hub account, you will immediately be redirected to the main page, the dashboard. You have direct access to several indicators, illustrating your customer acquisition:

  • Impressions (number of times your product has been seen by a CMMS user)

  • Number of clicks (number of clicks generated by a CMMS user)

  • Number of duplications (number of times CMMS users have added your equipment to their equipment database).

At the top of the page, the three inserts display today's figures, compared with the previous day's data. The three statistical graphs below represent the measurements over the last 7 days.

Click on one of the inserts for more detailed statistics: you will find on this page four types of data ("Impressions" by name (by product), "Impressions" by category, "Impressions" by industry (currently available in Beta version), and "Impressions" by user). The data are presented in the form of tables, graphs, and pie charts. For this last presentation, only the ten most relevant data will appear, and the others are grouped into a single slice. 

You can also select a start date and an end date to enlarge the data samples. The default date range is for the last seven days.

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