To create an activity, you need to access the affected task and click on the "Add activity" button. From there you simply need to fill in the requested information:

  • "Describe your activity" is where you type the action that you performed;

  • The date and time are automatically filled with the date and time on which you created the activity, but you can change them if you wish to;

  • The "time spent" is where you enter the amount of time you worked on the activity;

  • The "member" corresponds to the user that perfomed the activity, and will be filled with your name by default;

  • You have the option to add a counter, if you have measured a value during your activity;

  • Finally, you have the option to add a spare part. During your activity you might need to use one. You can find and select your spare part, check the actual stock, and enter how many you used during your activity. In that way you can keep the stock always up to date.

Once you have entered all the information, you have the option to either just add the activity to the task, either add the activity and mark directly the task as completed, if you feel like there is no other required action for this intervention. 

Please bear in mind that in order to add an activity to a task, you need to be assigned to that task. If you have a Production profile, you will not be able to add an activity, even if you are the creator of the intervention. If you have a Service Provider profile, you will be able to create an activity only for the tasks you are assigned to.
Only the Administrators can create, edit and delete activities to any tasks.
More information on the different profiles can be found here.

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