How to optimize the visibility of your products?

Our teams regularly work to improve the visibility of your products with our community of maintenance professionals. However, there are some techniques to improve the visibility of your products and generate interest from the Mobility Work community.

Choose the right keywords

The use of keywords has a significant impact on the visibility of your product sheets. The reference and name of your products are the first factors of your visibility. By displaying your keywords here, your products will be more likely to appear in the search results of maintenance teams.

Our tips: Do not try to include all the technical details in the name of your product, the description field has been designed for this purpose.

Categorize your products

You are free to enter the category of your choice for each one of your products. It might match your sector of activity or your product’s application.

Our tips: Choose a category that is specific enough to improve the attractiveness of your market for your products.

Add the right description

As part of their daily activities, maintenance teams are very likely to look for equipment or consumables in their CMMS. Use relevant keywords to describe your products and appear first in search results.

During the import process, two fields will allow you to promote your products:

  • The description

  • The marketing description

The first one gives you the necessary space for an exhaustive description of the technical characteristics and terms of use of your product and will only be visible once a CMMS user clicks on your product sheet.

The second (marketing or ad description) appears in the preview of your catalog. This short text (max. 200 characters) should be clear and concise enough to attract the attention of maintenance teams while enhancing your business expertise.

Our tips: Enhance your business expertise by selecting the keywords that are best suited to your business sector and the needs of the community.

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