The Mobility Work's tasks are now classified as follows: planned, ongoing, late and started, late, done.

The planned tasks appear in gray on the news feed. This status allows you to recognize the tasks that have been created and planned on a date that has not yet arrived.

Ongoing tasks appear in purple. A task with this status is a task that started on the scheduled date, where an activity has been added. The task is therefore in progress, and not yet finished.

A late and started task is showed in orange on the news feed. This is a task that started after the scheduled date passed, which is why it's marked as late. A task with this status has at least one activity has been added to the task.

A late task will appear in red. This status indicates that a task has passed it's planned date, and no action has been taken on it, no activity has been added yet.

Finally, a done task is shown in green. All actions have been finalized, and the task has been marked as finished, and therefore archived. It will not be possible, once a task is marked as done, to add further activities. Only the network administrator will be able to unarchive the task, if necessary.

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