The mobile application of Mobility Work CMMS allows you to perform multiple counter readings and then automatically associate a task and an activity to each of these readings. This functionality is designed to simplify your counter reading rounds.

Who can benefit from this feature?

Premium and Ultimate users can benefit from this feature from their mobile device.

How to perform multiple counter readings?

Open the left side panel and click on "Multi-counter readings".

Click on "Scan your equipment" to scan the QR code of the equipment concerned by this reading. If your machine park is not equipped with QR codes, you can also select equipment manually by clicking on the "+" at the top right of the screen.

After scanning or selecting the equipment concerned, a "Counter" page will open.

Select the desired counter and enter the reading. It is possible to add more than one counter to an equipment by clicking on "+ Counters".

When the readings are complete, click on "+ Add a counter value".

Repeat this operation as many times as needed by scanning equipment one by one, or if you are finished, go to the next step.

How to automatically create associated tasks?

Once all the readings have been completed, click on "Create tasks".

The task creation screen appears, followed at the bottom by the activity creation form, presented one after the other. Enter the necessary information to create them (remember that the content of the task and the activity will be the same for all the values entered, so we advise you to enter generic information). Once you have entered the data, validate the task creation.

You will be redirected to a loading screen. Once this is complete, all the tasks you have created will appear on your network's newsfeed.

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