Inventory update (stock management)

To date, Mobility Work offers 3 types of integration allowing the management of spare parts inventories.

Indeed, it is important to distinguish the inventory update from the movement report (replenishment for example).

Updating the inventory allows you to transfer the value of the entire stock to a third party system, while updating movements allows you to increment or decrement the same inventory.

In addition, only one type of inventory is available in Mobility Work, which means that you will have to choose the type of inventory you want to carry over to Mobility Work (for example, if you have a reserved inventory and an available inventory).

1. sFTP

The sFTP solution allows you to update your spare parts inventory once or twice a day from a .csv file.

You can thus report values to Mobility Work from any type of ERP system or even from a spreadsheet program.

It is one of the simplest and cheapest solutions to implement, and is relatively easy to automate.

On the other hand, this solution does not allow real-time updates and disparities may appear.

This solution only allows updating from a third party system to Mobility Work.

2. API (one-way)

In order to manage larger quantities of updates and especially to allow near real-time updating, Mobility Work provides an update API that allows you to send up to 10,000 updates per call with a processing time of only a few minutes to get the full carry-over.

This solution is optimized for inventory updates triggered by the third-party system during a movement.

Be careful, the available update quota depends on the package to which you have subscribed; it is important to trigger updates only when the inventory is modified, otherwise you may quickly consume all the available quota.

Example :

Replenishment of a part A → inventory update in the ERP → detection of an update in the ERP → sends an update to Mobility Work.

You can find the documentation at this address:

To use it, you will need to obtain an API key from your Account Manager.

This solution only allows you to upgrade from a third party system to Mobility Work.

3. Native ERP Integration

A native integration to your ERP is a specific integration.

Given the great disparity of ERPs available on the market as well as the specificities related to your IS, this integration will be the subject of a personalized project.

In order to evaluate your needs and to accompany you in this project, we propose you an (optional) accompaniment with the company Inetum (ex-GFI).

To achieve this integration, it is essential to ensure the following elements:

  • Mobility Work as a SaaS application is a web application publicly accessible online. Therefore we are committed to the security of our platform as well as the security of the data transiting through our network.

  • It is impossible for us to partition communications on a VPN type network and the APIs made available to Mobility Work will not have to be on a private network. On the other hand authentication is mandatory and must comply with your security policy.

  • We are committed to ensuring the best possible performance. However, given the nature of the exchanges and the need for up-to-date data, it is essential that the API you provide us with is high-performance, in order to ensure a comfortable user experience in production.

As far as possible, and except in the case of prior discussion or special constraints, we will try to recommend to you the most standard solution possible for a quick and less expensive implementation.

For example, we can realize SAP Native integration via SAP NetWeaver RFC for SAP compatible versions. All we need is a dedicated user account to finalize the integration.

This type of integration is at no extra cost!

On the other hand, if you decide to implement a non-standard solution (for reasons of security policy or licensing), the development will be subject to a personalized quote.

IoT / MES / Automated Meter Reading and Conditional Maintenance

To date Mobility Work offers a task creation API whose documentation is available here:

This API allows the creation of a task (outside the maintenance plan) associated with a piece of equipment with the same possibilities as the web interface or the mobile application.

In addition to this task creation API, we can activate a webhook allowing you to be notified when a task is finalized.

We plan to set up a complete IoT integration solution allowing you to configure a rule engine, based on the measurements captured by your IoT sensors to automate the task creation trigger.

In the meantime, our partner Inetum (ex-GFI) can help you to integrate our task creation API into your MES.

Mobility Work does not provide support in the integration of these solutions. Our intervention only includes the technical support related to the API.

External Data Access

To date, most of the data can be exported by an administrator of your network directly from the web interface.

The details of the exportable data will be communicated to you by your Customer Success Manager.

Should you want your data to be made available through another channel for the integration into a third-party tool, such as PowerBI, the relevance of a customized project will be evaluated as a whole.

Our partner Inetum (formerly GFI) will assist you in the configuration of your tool and in the implementation of this integration.

Setup :

If you wish to benefit from one or more of these integrations, do not hesitate to fill in this small questionnaire which will allow us to better define your needs and to come back to you directly for more information.

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